Mac Data Recovery – Recover Mac Files Safely

Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery – Recover All Lost Mac Files Easily

Apparently, if you are reading this post then you are looking for an effective solution for Mac Data Recovery. Well, Mac is one of the most safest and efficient computing machine available now. Being a Mac user you must be aware how serious Apple is about users privacy and data security. However, still time to time accident happen. However, when accident is like data loss situation, it hurts the most. If you have encounter one such accident and lost your important files then don’t panic, this Mac Data Recovery guide will help you to get your files back safely.Mac Data Recovery

Mac OS X system are known for its advanced and secure computing platform. Apple Inc. is making sure that OSX is keeping up with the latest advancements and keep getting better everyday. Currently, macOS Catalina is the latest version of OSX which was released in October 2019. Despite all safety and advancements, every now and then still users face data loss situation due to various reasons. Therefore, before getting started with Mac Data Recovery, lets take a quick look at some of the most common causes of data loss on Mac system so that you can be able to protect your files in further future.

Primary Causes of Data Loss on a Mac

Accidental DeletionAccidental deletion is the most common data loss cause for any computer or even mobile phone user. It is a very painful human error which can happen to anyone at anytime. Weather you are cleaning up junk data or moving files, you may end up deleting some important data which you may regret later.

System Crash – Mac is usually a very efficient and sophisticated computing machine. However, due to certain reason you may occasionally encounter abrupt system crash which can result in serious data loss situation.

Malware Attack – Despite all the security protocol, hackers still somehow manages to breach Mac OS X computers as well. Severe malware infection is very risky for your data.

Abrupt System Shutdown – Frequent power surges and improper system shutdown can cause hard drive failure. As all your data is stored at your hard drive so any kind of problem with your hard drive will make your data completely inaccessible for you and may be corrupt files permanently as well.

Logical Issues – Catalog file corruption, damaged journal file, resizing volume failure, encountering error codes while working etc. are some common logical issues due to which users may have to look for data recovery mac options.

No matter if its a human error or any computer glitch, you should know a data is never completely gone. You might not be able to access or locate your files for now but its most definitely not gone forever. If you take quick action then you will still be able to recover Mac files with right technique some help. Depending on the circumstances which leads you to data, there are few manual Mac data recovery option which can prove useful for you.

Manual Mac OS X Data Recovery Guide

Manual methods like trash recovery, time machine etc. can help you to recover lost data mac. However, if you want to recover lost Mac files safely then you better hurry cause you don’t wanna get your files overwritten. Actually, every file creates its own hard drive space. When you lose a file, you simply lost the access of your data. The data is still on hard drive physically, you might not be able to access it is still there at least as long as the hard drive space created by that particular file is not overwritten. Follow below instructions carefully, in order to recover lost data on Mac OS X manually.

Mac Trash RecoveryTrash Recovery :- If you deleted your files mistakenly then by simply restoring the trash you can get all your files back as it was before. You can restore trash on Mac or just open the trash, select the files u want to restore and drag it back to desktop (after that you can move your files wherever you want). However, if you used command+delete option in order to delete or empty the trash the trash already then the manual method then you won’t be able to find or restore your files in trash. However, if you are unable to restore trash on Mac then you should better take the help of Automatic Mac Data Recovery Software in order to restore Mac files safely.

Download Mac Data Recovery Software Recover All Kinds Pictures, Videos & Documents Easily on Mac OS X

Restore Time Machine :- As like Windows System Restoration Point, Apple also allows users to restore their Mac  OS X with Time Machine. Well, Time machine is a very advanced and useful built-in backup feature that can be used for Mac OS X data recovery. It keeps an up to date copy of everything on your computer, stored on an external storage device. You can choose restore all your files, or restore both the Mac operating system (macOS) and all your files. Hence, if you already set it up then all you need to restore Time-Machine backup on your device in order to get all your lost files back on Mac. Here, is a step by step guide to restore files with Time Machine, follow these instructions carefully to restore lost Mac data.

  • Connect Time Machine backup disk, turn it on and then boot your Mac system.
  • Open Application Folder, Go to Utilities and double click on Migration Assistant.
  • Mac start up may asks for details such your country, keyboard, and network, keep continuing to the next step.
  • Select transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk, then click Continue.
  • Click on Time Machine backup and click Continue.
  • Select a backup and click Continue.
  • Select information to transfer, then click on Continue to start the transfer.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete then restart your Mac and log in to the migrated account to see its files.

Restore Backup – Many users have the habit of backing up their important data in different folders or different devices, in case if you have one such backup then you can simply restore your backup files in order to get your lost Mac data back.

Automatic Mac Data Recovery Software

In case if none of the manual method is effective enough to restore all your files and you are still nowhere close to getting your files back then don’t worry. There is still chance to recover Mac data. The best option for you now is to use powerful and professional Automatic Mac Data Recovery Software. Well, Mac Data Recovery Software is one most effective and easy to use utility to recover all kinds of lost, deleted, corrupted, formatted or even encrypted files on Mac OS X. It is one of the beast Mac data recovery software available now. It comes with a very user-friendly graphical interface which means you won’t be needing any kind of technical skills in order to navigate this amazing tool. It provide a variety of some very powerful features which enables the users to recover files even from emptied trash or formatted hard drive.

Significant Features of Mac Data Recovery Software

  • It can Recover and repair all kind of data from Mac such as pictures, videos, documents etc.
  • Capable to recover files from crashed Mac system.
  • Recover files from all kinds of storage devices such as Time Machine, SSD, USB-C, HDD, memory cards, and even unrecognized hard drive.
  • Recover files from encrypted media.
  • It can recover files from iMac®, MacBook®, Mac mini® and Mac Pro® and also fully support macOS Catalina 10.15.
  • Supports data recovery from Mac and Linux storage drive on Windows OS based computers.

How To Recover Mac Files With Mac Data Recovery Software

Simply download and install Automatic Mac Data Recovery software in your PC. Once the installation is completed, run the program. It comes with such easy and use-friendly graphical interface that you won’t need any additional help to use this utility. Start the scan to find all recoverable files on your Mac. Once the scan is completed then you can see the list of all recoverable files. However, you won’t be able to save your files with free version of this tool. In order to save your data you will need to purchase the licensed version of Automatic Data Recovery Software.

Step To Use Use Automatic Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1 – Download & Install Automatic Mac Data Recovery Software on your Mac.

Download Mac Data Recovery Software Recover All Kinds Pictures, Videos & Documents Easily on Mac OS X

Step 2 – Launch the software and Select What to recover then hit the Next button.

Recover Mac Data

Step 3 –  Select the drive from where you lost your data and click on Scan button.

Recover Mac Files

Step 4 – .Now you can see list and preview of all recoverable files, Click on Recover button and choose the destination where you want to save your files.

Mac Data Recovery Software

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